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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News on the CW 44  CW  November 11, 2012 8:30am-9:30am PST

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>> you're watching cbs five eyewitness news this morning. >> two people die after eating soup at a northern california facility for the elderly. the deadly ingredient that sent for others to the hospital. >> show us the money. one big campaign theme for candidates all across the nation. next, who is behind these record-setting donations. >> and honoring the space here on this veterans holiday weekend. neil armstrong's connection to a military icon in the east bay. it's 8:30 sunday, november 11.
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thanks for joining us. >> a lot of news to cover. super majority in sacramento. what does it mean for the republican party? we are sitting down with chairman of the republican party to talk about the future. >> yet, when it comes to california and the rest of the nation. we've got a lot coming up. also, our conversation with senator mark leno about the brand-new power. >> and we sit down with leader willie brown and say, okay, future of nancy pelosi. she did reclaim the house. is she staying on in washington customer. >> a lot coming up, but the weather forecast is cold. even colder than what we saw yesterday at this time. frost advisory. >> there are frost advisories posted as well. they were listed at 8:00, but it is chilly up there. temperatures range from 56 degrees to 63. it's on the chilly side for the bay area finance on time. a very nice sunday. we will have the entire forecast in a few minutes.
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>> thank you. california democrats in powerful positions they have been in decades after tuesday's election. >> is a super majority enabling them to pass tax increases without a single republican vote. republicans held the last super majority back in 1933. all this follows the campaign. that's a record levels of spending here in california. a few wealthy people spent tens of millions of dollars with mixed results. tom cyrus and $32 million in support of proposition 39 which did pass. charles munger spent $29 million on property to which failed. his sister spent $48 million in support of prop 38, which voters also rejected. outside groups spent more than a billion dollars. cbs reporter michelle miller has more on who is behind the so- called super pack. >> reporter: my job is to make sure that i represent your best
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interest. >> kerry won his election as weak as a freshman congressman from michigan. >> i'm never ever going to raise taxes unless there is a war. >> this former schoolteacher and political newcomer might not have gotten this far without a super pack. liberty for all spent $800,000 to help him win his republican primary. >> god bless them. it was wonderful. >> the backing came from john ramsey, a 22-year-old college senior from texas who inherited millions from his grandfather and launched a political action committee. >> we did this to get in the business of freeing america from the phonies that currently dominate. >> he believes in lower taxes, less government spending, and more civil liberties. when ron paul dropped out of the presidential race, ramsey looked for a new outlet for his political energy. >> the super packs were able to facilitate a conversation.
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you provide voters access. >> democrat tim bishop, a five term new york congressman, was the target of another small super pack created to remove him from office. >> big hearts beat big checks every day of the week. >> he was hit by $1 million in negative ads and direct mail from prosperity for us. $750,000 came from one constituent. hedge fund manager, robert mercer. he declined to answer questions, but bishop believes he might have been motivated by bishops vote for new financial industry regulation. >> what it was designed to do is to fix some of the systemic problems that resulted in the worst financial collapse this country has had since the great depression. >> bishops was one of 63 house races this year where outside groups like super packs spent $1 million or more. >> what i fear we are approaching is a process in which elections are bought and sold as opposed to
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one and lost. >> bishop was able to hold onto his seat, still spending in races for the house, the senate, and the presidency by outside groups. topped $1 billion. michelle miller, cbs news, new york. >> two people are dead, for others in the hospital after eating wild mushrooms. it happened at the gold vela elderly care home. on tuesday caregiver picked mushrooms on the property and used them to make superior workers at a call center say they have heard this type of story often, especially this time of year. >> we get them almost every year where people go out picking wild mushrooms and wind up picking these deadly mushrooms and wind up in the hospital, very sick, intensive care, with a failing liver. >> there are some 5000 species of muslims and only about 300 are known to be safe.
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the state department of social services is looking into the latest incident. the san jose police department getting help from a source that has always existed, but now seems to be stepping up to the plate. neighborhood groups are forming. recently, police arrested seven burglary suspects working with residents of san jose. the result of people keeping their eyes and ears open. >> here we always keep our eyes open for cars we don't know, people we are not familiar with. we do try to keep in contact with our neighbors. >> there are dozens of websites and chat rooms out there devoted to community watch. police if you do see something, call 911 and don't take the law into your own hands. >> also new, two people dead and two homes completely destroyed. the blast happened late last night and witnesses say it was loud and thunderous. residents say that the neighborhood now looks like a war zone with
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dozens of homes damaged. at least 200 people were taken to shelters. meanwhile, the cause of the explosion is still under investigation. and a powerful 6.8 magnitude earthquake struck the northern yesterday -- today, actually. as many as 12 people feared dead in the southeast asian country also known as burma. the area surrounding the epicenter is a rural mining region. several mines were reported to have collapsed in a shake. a 5. 5. 5.8 after shaq has already followed. and maybe hard to believe that 100,000 people are still without power back east. >> three weeks after hurricane sandy struck. frustrations are growing for people there. people in new jersey and new york without power. meanwhile, paramedics across this section of new york city checking on the elderly. they are checking on anyone who might need help. people in the areas they help has been slow in coming. >> this has only been maybe a week and a half of freshwater.
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for the first five or six days, no one was there. >> new york city officials have reported at least two elderly people have died in buildings without power. it's been two years in the making. dozens helped break ground for a vietnam war memorial in san jose. the monument will be called sons of san jose. it's a 5-acre area of water leak but -- what would a river park. more than 140 residents died or went missing in the vietnam war. a memorial in san jose means people don't have to go to washington dc to pay their respects to the fallen. the project is expected to be complete in about 10 weeks. in honor of veterans day, a special tribute for neil armstrong aboard the uss hornet. the retired aircraft carrier held under the a nearby real opening its exhibit of apollo program artifacts in alameda. following the moon landing, the
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crew was quarantined on board the hornet to ensure that none of them had contracted any alien viruses. >> and on this veterans day, the president honored fallen soldiers. >> president laid a wreath on the tomb of the unknown at the arlington national cemetery in washington dc this morning. the first lady, joe biden, and his wife are also there. the president hosted a breakfast for the veterans at the white house. the new reality in sacramento. a democratic super majority. >> but what does it mean for the state's gop? might they have more power than they think? the chairman joins us next. >> guns that fire real bullets. however, 3-d printer can make homemade weapons that are completely legal. >> and your sunday morning off to a chilly start. the numbers down in the 30s
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around concord and santa rosa, but we are covered in numbers near 60 degrees. we look at ocean beach. a few high clouds all pairs well. the forecast coming up .
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>> new are taking a live look at the president speaking at arlington national cemetery. he's speaking with the veterans in the middle of a veterans day tribute after laying a brief that the tomb of the unknown. >> -- when they come home. [ applause ] we know the most urgent task many of your face is finding a new way to serve. that's why we've made it a priority to help you find jobs worthy of your incredible skills and talents. that's why thanks to the hard work of michel angelo biden, some of our most patriotic businesses have hired or trained 125,000 veterans and military spouses. it's why we are transforming for the first time in decades how
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the military transitions service members from the battlefield to the workplace. and because you deserve to share in the opportunities that you defend, we are making sure that the post-9/11 g.i. bill stays strong so you can earn a college education and pursue your dreams. [ applause ] >> no-space at an obama. he's speaking live right now in washington dc. >> well, here's a strange twist to the tech talk all pairs also something new can include something old like guns, homemade guns. guns that metal detectors can't detect. it's all perfectly legal and it's unrelated. cbs five alan martin shows us how 3-d printers are being used to make plastic guns that will fire real, deadly bullets. >> reporter: they come in all shapes and sizes.
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now there is a whole new way that a piece can be produced. the brainchild of the university of texas law student has become a reality, thanks to something called a 3-d printer. the machine actually looks like a photocopier, it usually generates models like these. >> but the group defends the stripping looking to make a real gun. here's how it works. the design of the gun is programmed into a 3-d printer. printer then shapes a piece of hard plastic into a firewall -- into a fireable weapon. the final schematics will be distributed online, then anyone with a 3-d printer on a computer will be able to print a gun at home. >> we will have the reality of a weapons system. >> the printers cost anywhere from
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a few thousand dollars to 100,000. and making a gun in your browser basement for personal use is well within your rights. >> a law-abiding citizen who decides they want to manufacture a firearm for themselves can do that legally, his lungs that gun doesn't meet certain criteria. >> they add, making a gun at home is nothing new, but that doesn't mean they won't be keeping a careful eye on it. 3-d printers could bring a new dimension to making weapons in the u.s. >> we will also make sure that if it does come to the point where it becomes a concern for public safety, we will go out with messages to the public on some of the concerns and the do's and don'ts with that. >> alan martin, cbs five. >> as for those texas grad students, the company that initially leased them the 3-d printer took it back. they talk to the student running that company and he says he's confident they will have access to a new 3-d printer soon. >> that's disturbing. our weather forecast today's chili. chili are than what we saw
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yesterday. >> it's cool around the bay area. the highs will be a little bit warmer. hope your sunday morning is off to a good start. the numbers now, 39 degrees at concord, 46 oakland, 49 livermore, 48 degrees in san francisco. santa rosa 35 degrees. here's how it looks in the weather headlines. we've got a chilly start to sunday, little bit of a warming trend begins today. next chance of rain moving into the bay area late thursday. low pressure off the northwest will send a few high clouds in over the bay area today. not quite as funny as it was yesterday. a little bit warmer. the high clouds insulate us a little bit. out the door, your numbers by about 10:00 will be in the low 50s for much of the bay area. out of san francisco on monday, the airport looks good. forecast high of 62 degrees. once out of the west. overnight low of 50 degrees tonight. as we look at the southland,
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they've got sunshine. so does denver. chicago will be overcast and 39. new york hit 63 degrees. eat way for them. overnight lows tonight will be warmer today than it was last night. 43 santa rosa with high clouds. 47 redwood city, 46 san jose. how about this afternoon? everybody between 57 and 5 2 degrees. the extended forecast looks for lots of sun between now and wednesday. temperatures will warm slightly each day. as we get toward late thursday, we could get a low round of showers for the bay area. partly cloudy by saturday. it does look like good weather. let's get the latest on the news. >> thank you. democrats and a power shift in sacramento may have a super majority in both chambers. >> what does that mean for the state gop? we sat down a little while ago with the former speaker, willie brown. he said democrats don't need
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the republicans. we need him to comment on whether or not the party is still relevant. you're the chairman of the republican party. >> part of what happened last week is they spent $70 million. that was unprecedented. it's unprecedented nationally. that made it very hard to compete. republicans now need to do what i call foot in the door momentum. they need to find a niche and an area where they can connect with voters and stand on that issue and then wait for the economy sadly to go down, because it is, and then be there to be opportunistic and make their way back. >> okay. the reason that california units is twofold. one is to support the tax plan, but the other thing is proposition 32, which republicans put on the ballot to try to take unions out of
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the political equation. you invited a fight you couldn't win and they cleaned your clock. >> thank you very much for saying that. i was so powerful that i did all of that. in fact, that was put on the ballot without consultation in advance by the california republican party. with all the legislators being involved. that sort of a problem with republicans in california. we help all the separate groups that don't work together and plan these things out. that is the headache that republicans both me and the party and in the legislature have to deal with is outside parties who have these agendas. >> it's not unique. jerry brown woke up and found molly munger, a democrat leaning individual, coming up with her own idea of a tax plan. let me ask you this. given what you have seen in the billions spent in california elections, our parties finding their power being removed by these individuals, whether it be molly munger? >> absolutely.
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super pack strive the message and cause headaches for candidates all the time. by the way, super packs, thank you john mccain, created super packs because they created it. but for republicans in this state, the economy is going to get worked because of the tax increase. now they are going after business. republicans need to find a couple merrill issues where they can connect with voters and start to build toward 2014 and 2016, and they need to get out there now in the districts and they need to recruit more candidates like they did last time when the legislature set a record with 17 minority candidates. >> so the election is over. now we have a super majority. democrats in control. what are you most worried about? >> look, i said all along that the first tax increase, the next tax increase is nevertheless tax
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increase. even before the print was dry on the election, they are calling for turning on business for more taxes. you just can't tax away prosperity. california is going to become a refugee place. look, for the rich, the poor, and public employees. that is only going to get worse because they are going to keep raising taxes and driving drops. >> what are you going to do about it? than again, what am i personally going to do about it? what republicans need to do is get out there in the district and connect with voters, -- in some ways they are going to be just that caters in the legislature. they need to be with voters, educate them on what's going on in the process, because there's going to be a pendulum swing back and forth. >> another bold prediction. we remember you saying that romney was going to win the election. i saw something from you saying that florida would go to
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romney. >> tom delta carl, a man who actually shows up today. he could've said no. thanks. we will be right back. ,,,,
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mark a milestone for a popur pet-friendly literacy initiative. it's the tenth anniversary of "paws to rea" the program has ch >> which is on parade. a milestone for a popular pet friendly literacy initiative. it's the tenth anniversary of
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pasta read. the program has children read aloud to dogs helping the students improve their literacy skills and gain confidence reading in public. >> they actually become self-confident, happy children who often go home and try to replicate the whole program at home. >> more than 7000 7000 and nine -- elementary schoolchildren have participated over the last decade. similar programs have sprung up around the state. here and there you are san jose quarterback turning heads. tim coyle, give us the latest. >> reporter: the sec dominates the standings every year, but its newest member is leading. and i'm led by 20. fourth-quarter 20. fourth-quarter 20. fourth-quarter. final minute of play, alabama trailing by 5. they would get the ball back on this. tyler haines jumps off.
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an upset over number 1 alabama. oregon scored 17 unanswered points to close out the half. 500 yards of offense. stanford erased a nine-point second-half deficit against oregon state. the freshman was a perfect pass. another day for the spartans. former touchdown. the spartans win big 47-7 over new mexico state. stronach and the warriors blew a 5 k for lead double overtime. the nuggets win. coming up at 10:00, the raiders and ravens followed by the fifth quarter post game show. that's a look at sports. have a great sunday.
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>> another look at the democratic super majority in sacramento. our conversation with state senator mark leno on how they deal with it. >> and the biographer who got too close to her subject. google it is about fbi mail probe that got the most famous general. our service members. the bay area tributes on this veters day. (show open) >> fought for our freedom today. we are honoring service members. the bay area tribute to veterans day. we will be right back.
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mushrooms have k this time - at an assi >> you're watching cbs five eyewitness news this morning. >> a seasonal morning with dire consequences. california's wild mushrooms havekilled again. this time at an assisted living facility. >> plus, a big power shift in sacramento. the democratic super majority coming up. a conversation with senator mark leno. >> if you didn't fire best, people were going to die. >> honoring the men and women who went to war. >> welcome back to eyewitness news this morning. the time is 9:00. it's sunday, november 11th. >> thanks for joining us this morning. we have a lot coming up in the next half hour. we talk more about what we can expect out of sacramento in the year and years ahead now that democrats have a super majority. >> and the one place they didn't do the majority back was in the house of representatives back in washington. so we sit down with former state assembly speaker willie brown and
9:01 am
talk about nancy pelosi. does she stay on as leader after failing to bring the democrats back to power question and it's an interesting conversation. >> we are looking at it closer to her sunday morning if you haven't stepped outside. even frosted by 3 overnight. let's go to brian for more. >> we are off to a chilly start. clear skies, for the most part. a few high clouds of pot. sunshine and on the cool side today. to which arranged for the entire bay area from 56 to 63 degrees, yet there are changes ahead. we'll have those on the cover the weather in a few minutes. first, let's get back. >> here's an interesting story about a southwest flight from oakland that took a frightening detour in denver over the weekend and slid off a portion of the tarmac. >> denver international. officials say after 5:00 yesterday evening, late 1905 skidded off the tax weight in snoozing -- in snowy conditions. no reports of any injury. passengers were bused from the
9:02 am
plane back to the airport concourse. airport operations were not affected. not something you expect when you put a family member into assisted living. two people living at the golden age villa died after eating soup made with wild mushrooms. what appears to be a tragic mistake. >> reporter: beautiful, wild land surrounds this care home. on tuesday a caregiver here picked some mushrooms, found growing on the property and use them to make a soup and set it to residents. two are now dead, four others including the caregiver are hospitalized. >> and you just tell me what happened? >> no, thank you. >> is a sad story but not unique. those here at the san francisco call center, the poison control system, have heard it often. especially this time of year. >> we get them almost every year where people go out picking wild mushrooms and wind up taking the deadly mushrooms and wind up in the hospital very sick and
9:03 am
intensive care with a failing liver. >> the only treatment is supportive care and a liver transplant. >> for people who are considering eating wild mushrooms, i would have to say that it's really a bad idea. >> sort of the chances of pitching -- of picking mushrooms dangerous? consider this. there are some four to 5000 known species of mushrooms of which only 200 to 300 have been shown to be safe to eat. 50 to 100 are known poisonous. and the rest -- well, that's the chance to take. >> if you don't know the species name and the proper identification, you should not be picking the wild mushrooms. >> the shares office calls it a tragic accident and refers questions to the state department of local services which says it's looking into the matter. cbs 5. >> the scandal that brought down data to trace allegedly started with resting e-mails by his biographer and mistress paula
9:04 am
broadwell to another woman. >> the official that spoke to the associated press. they uncover the relationship. now, the concern that the computer had been compromised in the process of these e-mails. cia observers say he resigned because he believed it was the right thing to do. >> i think there was probably a calculus on part of the director's math to say this will come out somehow, someway, sometime. i've got thousands of employees who i hold to one standard, and when it does come out, they are going to say, why isn't this the standard? >> members of house intelligence committee say they will meet with the fbi to find out more as they continue their investigation. a california democrat and powerful position after tuesday's election. they have a two thirds majority in both houses of the legislature. it's called the super majority, and it will enable them to pass tax
9:05 am
increases without a single republican vote. all this follows a campaign that saw record levels of spending here in california and across the nation with a few wealthy individuals spending tens of millions of dollars. but with this result. $32 million spent in support of proposition that he was backing to close corporate loopholes. charles monger truck on a $9 million trying to pass prop 32 of which would curtail the union powers. it failed. his sister spent $48 million in support of proposition 38, a tax initiative which he both wrote and finance, but voters said no to. this wasn't the only place across the nation this year. outside groups spent more than a billion dollars. days after the election, it's finally official. president obama is the winner in florida. nearly 100 percent of the votes have been counted and the secretary
9:06 am
of state office says that the president has 74,000 more votes than mitt romney, his republican challenger. that's about 50 percent of the florida vote to romney, two to obama, and 49.1 percent to romney. >> it's veterans day, and we are honoring those who risked their lives. here's the story of two such men from palo alto. >> reporter: one night there was a big explosion. everybody rushed to the docks and a cruise ship had been torpedoed. >> herman shapiro is a world war ii veteran. he was part of the 106 infantry division. he remembers quite vividly a night when u.s. ships were attacked in the english channel. >> bodies were floating all over, and people still alive. if you didn't try your best, people were going to die. >> only 18, he became a hero
9:07 am
that night. >> i got into a rowboat and started pulling people out. it was poorer, complete horror. >> schapiro was scared to go into battle, but he believed it was the right thing to do. >> the stories that came out of germany were terrific. being of the jewish faith, it's like it meant more to me than someone else. >> either you were a dead or alive. >> this 94-year-old resident served as the doctor in the philippines during world war ii. >> there is that enemy they are, and to me either we won the war were we wound up dead. that was our option. >> lee lynch says being a physician during the war saved his life. >> if i hadn't been in the
9:08 am
hospital or radiology, i would've probably been in it front-line physician. >> even though he didn't fight any battles, the war was still a difficult time for him. he left his pregnant wife behind to serve his country. >> your wife is not there. you are half within. you are existing. that's about what we did. we existed day by day. >> you never know from one second to the next. >> ermine schapiro survived nearly two years in the war, got out, got married, and has been with his wife for 66 years. as for dr. lee lynch, his wife passed away six years ago. he says that an state is just another day. the past is his present. >> i have a huge bank of
9:09 am
memories. >> we are losing our world war ii vets. a couple of very special guys. they are going to be honored in a salute to veterans event tomorrow morning at the family residence in palo alto. post election day questions. is she in or out? still to come, are political insiders on nancy polo c. >> we also look at the pros and cons at the super majority of sacramento. our conversation with a state senator. >> and the best surfers in the world on standby. watching for the window of the big mavericks surf contest. >> boy, is it going to be chilly. temperature starting in the 30s and 40s. we will recover nicely. plenty of sunshine through sunday morning. the forecast coming up in a few minutes. we don't call this our company, we call this our mission. green toys teaches children
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that if i have a milk jug and i stick it in the recycling bin it can turn into something new. chase allows us to buy capital equipment to be able to manufacture in the states to the scale we need to be a global company. with a little luck green toys could be the next great american brand. find what's next for your business at
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>> it's 45 at concord. 47 in san jose. if you want to warm up, think warm thoughts. the forecast in a minute.
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window for the famed "maver" surf competition is officiay open. event organizers have until the end of m schedule >> the world's best and bravest surfers are on standby as the window for the famed mavericks surfers competition is officially open. if that organizers have until the end of march to schedule the contest if the waves get enough. the contest didn't happen over the last two years because the waves weren't right. >> okay. i'm a close today, is the weather going to be right? >> it will be beautiful if you like sunny weather.
9:13 am
not everybody does, by the way. in the old days, i would say it's going to be foggy, overcast. people will call up and say, we like foggy and overcast. you are not going to like today. if you let cool weather, we've got plenty of it. 45 at concord, airport 54 degrees. santa rosa, 43. we have a frosted visor that expired at 8:00 this morning. it was chilly overnight. won't be as cool tonight. we will get a chilly start to sunday. a little bit of warming trend continues in the bay area. the next chance of rain will move into the bay area on thursday. let's have a look at the satellite. low-pressure spinning over the charlotte, high pressure over california and the battle between the two will be were a few high clouds form today and we will get sunny and cool weather out of this. it will be as cold overnight because we have those high clouds. out the door by about 10:00 this morning, numbers will be mostly in the low 50s. that's about an hour from now. plenty of sunshine around the bay
9:14 am
area today. if you are heading out, central valley looks okay. 63 sacramento after snow showers yesterday. wake tahoe has 48 degrees today. overnight lows, as i say, not as chilly. mostly in the 40s. the numbers for today are nice. 61 degrees at napa, 59 degrees fairfield, 57 at pacifica. the extended forecast looks like a night week ahead. a little bit ahead. i next went for rain on friday. >> sunny and cloudy could describe sacramento as well. democratic lawmakers are now having a super majority with two thirds of the seats in both the senate and the assembly. that means they can pass tax increases and other things as well without any republican votes. there's also new pressures and responsibilities on the democrats. that's why this morning we asked the state senator what we can expect with these changes. >> there seems to be this buzz
9:15 am
right now that not unlike sixth-graders home alone on a friday night, we are going to raise every texan and burned on the house. >> you are saying that's not true. >> i don't think that's going to happen. prop 30 stabilizes us. it means we won't have to make -- that was the governors. >> it doesn't give a surplus money to reinvest all the public structures that have been devastated as a result of the lack of revenue over recent years. it gets us to this level. the economy is coming back. we can see a brighter future. over time, we can reinvest in education, reinvest in higher education or social services but it's not happening tomorrow or the next day. >> also, will our taxes be raised? within a new future or the next year? >> well, boaters decided that taxes will be raised. >> besides property. >> beyond property. that's not where we are focusing. there are other things we could do. a lot of this function that
9:16 am
appears from sacramento is because the majority has not had the authority to do its job. the two thirds vote threshold without a majority, the minority leader can veto what the majority wants. now the majority can do its job. >> so what are these things? we are saying our taxes, at least not now. so we do other things. what are the other things you think are on the table? >> fiscally related, we can look at tax credits. these are loopholes. mostly benefiting corporations. they can be passed by a simple majority but it takes two thirds to get them out. now we will review them. if there are antiquated ones, for example, prop 39 which closed a corporate loophole. voters supported it. we try to close that in the legislature. no were public and would come along, so we can do it. and that saves us a billion dollars. >> what are we looking forward to? >> in addition to looking at tax loopholes, we can also now have
9:17 am
two thirds majority of democrats without republican support putting things on the ballot. constitutional amendments can be put on the ballot so we can look at initiative or form. we can look at other kinds of reform. >> what about prop 13? >> we could put something back on the ballot with a two thirds majority. >> but you still see it going to the voters. >> yes, that has to. when i talk about amending the constitution, prop 13 is in the constitution. >> one of the things the governor wants, he wants regulatory reform. he wants changes in california environmental laws, which some people see as a restricted to business. he wants changes in california work rules which some businesses feel is restrictive. yet most of the super majority was delivered strongly by the help of organized labor. where does that put you against the governor? >> this will be the ongoing debate. keep in mind, our 28 democratic senators. it's not a monolithic bloc.
9:18 am
we have difference of opinion. we represent. we are not unlike minded. >> he mentioned organized labor. that's a good question. pension reform. i know we have made some small moves, but can we see anything good when it comes to that in the near future? >> it was not a small move. we did major pension reform rescue. the governor himself said that it was the most significant tension or form since 1972. we alerted on a lot. a lot of the pension problems is that the local level, but we have also given him authority to rein in some of the unsustainable spending that's going on in counties and said -- and city level. >> he said, watch out for the super majority. remember, they are all individuals and you can't count on them to necessarily stick together. >> suddenly, you have all of that insight. beautiful what you wish for.
9:19 am
>> we look at the most powerful democrat on the hill. >> plus, a raffle finance the policy. is she going to stay in or is she out? are political insiders tell us about that one. woman: i remember the moment. -i'll never forget that moment.
9:20 am
woman: that changed my life. man: at that moment, it hit me -- this is why i joined the guard. we're soldiers, always ready to protect our country, but we've also got communities -- family, friends, neighbors -- who count on us. i couldn't believe it. i just saved a life. somebody from my hometown.
9:21 am
announcer: see what it means to be a citizen-soldier, at president after winning the election. we turn to our political insiders >> a new partisan fight brewing over the fiscal cliff. the first big challenge for the president after winning the election this past week. >> that's why we turn to political insiders. our question this time out is common in people of the period in these critical times, she didn't get a majority in the house. does that mean she stays in or is she out of the democratic leader? >> i think she stays. number 1, there is no successor. people consider her to be the leader. there is no pressing reason for her to leave. >> mayor.brown, usually when you have lost twice or you haven't
9:22 am
achieved the majority -- >> shooting was choice. she actually had a net increase this time around. she lost her medically in 2010. she did not achieve 25, as she said. but she did get 17 or 18. her own state of california, she got two or three at least. >> historically, if you don't take it over the top and regain the majority, they start shopping around or you resign. what makes her different? >> only if there is an element in your caucus that is charging you with having lost. is charging with the responsibility of messing up. there is no organized protest group. >> to other things. she raises a ton of money. nobody raises money in a party like she does. number 2, she's good at doing this. she gets votes. >> president obama. okay, he has no brain in time. he has to go into the fiscal
9:23 am
cliff. don't you love that name? where did that come in? >> i think that's from the public press. i think they have to find someway to hang onto their audience since there is no longer an election. we can't talk about romney, can't talk about obama, can't talk about any of the things that went on in the campaign, so you've got to capture it right away and they got it right away. >> there's actually one network that is a fiscal cliff cox -- fiscal cliff clock. the wonderful part of american politics is this election is just over and probably the new one has begun. people are already laying tracks for the next round, correct? >> listen, mr. obama was giving a great speech. people were discussing, i wonder what hillary is doing? will she be there? how are they going to work out that relationship? and that's only the first two. >> marco rubio had a very
9:24 am
carefully crafted speech congratulating everyone am looking forward to new solutions and new ideas. >> of course, the big man from new jersey was doing his number. >> it never ends. >> no, it doesn't. you might remember, bill clinton was in california. he was out there helping democrats win those seats that nancy plus he wanted. a little ious going around on that one. >> coming up, one last look at the top stories. >> that includes poisoning by wild mushrooms. a tainted soup sent for people to the hospital. >> we will be right back. ,,,,
9:25 am
9:26 am
believed to be the cause ofo ounty. a >> welcome back. let's take a look at this morning's top stories again. >> starting with poisonous wild mushrooms. >> believed to be the cause of today. a caregiver at the home for the elderly with -- pick the mushrooms and use them. >> two people dead and two homes completely destroyed in an
9:27 am
exposure last night. more than a dozen homes were damaged. the cause is still under investigation. >> president obama honored at the tomb of the unknown at the arlington national cemetery about an hour ago. earlier today the president and the first lady hosted a breakfast with veterans at the white house. there are a lot of parades and whatnot going on around the area today. >> yes. it's a little bit of a chilly day for a look at the numbers right now. they range from a bout the upper 50s to low 60s in the bay area. a little bit of a warming trend begins today. the next chance for rain toward friday. things could get a little bit what by then. we will clear it up again for next saturday. >> certainly feels like winter. >> they were doing that in the fourth of july. >> the season of giving. thanksgiving i can deal with.
9:28 am
>> hilltop church offered free food and clothing to guests this weekend. it's part of everyday is a day of thanksgiving event. turkey, ham, and macaroni and cheese. the event happening every year since 2004 geared toward helping people. regardless of their economic situation. one of those things where everybody is invited. >> well, that's it for eyewitness news this morning. we want to thank everybody for joining us. >> we hope you join us next weekend. we start on the cbs channel at 7:30. >> then we switch over to here at 8:30. last thoughts for the day? >> i'm going home to listen to the records. [ laughter ] >> you can enjoy the sun, but it's going to be fun. >> thank you, veterans, on this holiday. enjoy the rest of your sunday.
9:29 am
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